My Fave A/W lippies!!

Hey guys, welcome back to our blog. It’s been a while because we have been moving into uni, but now we’ve settled down its time for some new content. 

I’m going to share with you guys all my favourite Autumm/Winter lippies so you can slay this season. They are all affordable and all great for women of colour. I’ll also be telling you guys some ways to spice it up and make the lipsticks pop!

1. The first lipstick is sleek ‘Smother’, this is a glossy lipstick that had a dark pink look. It’s great with a darker liner to make it look more fierce! 

2. The next lipstick is one of my all time favourites! It’s Mac’s ‘Antique Velvet’, this is a matte reddish-brown lipstick and it’s s great nude for darker women of colour. I usually wear it with a darker brown liner to give it more depth. To spice it up I sometimes use the Kyle metallic lipkit in ‘King K’ in the middle to give an ombre metallic look. I promise you everyone will be asking about it. 

3. My third favourite is Make up revolutions ‘Make me tonight’. Just as suggested in the name this lipstick is great at night time. It is a glossy dark purple and it doesn’t really need any additions to it. 

4. My fourth colour is Mac’s ‘Instigator’. This is a dark purple like the previous lipstick but it is matte. The great thing I love about this lipstick is its longevity and it also has the ability to stay on through eating 🙂

5. My goth favourite color is Make up revolutions lip lawyer in ‘Vamp’ this lipstick is one of my favourites. It’s an extremely matte dark purple and to spice it up I again use a metallic lipstick is the middle which turn purple and automatically gives me a sparkly purple ombré. This is great for nights out and looks great with a silver smoky eye 😉 

6.  My final favourite is another of Make up revolutions lip laquers but I’m the colour ‘Black Heart’. This colour is a very dark purple which is basically almost black. It’s great for a winter gothic look and also looks great with ombré. 

That’s it on my favourite winter lipsticks. I hope you guys try these out. They are all affordable with lift of them being under £10 and the quality is pretty good. Thanks for reading 🙂

Peace and love 

Tosin x


Luscious Lip Lining!

Last month, a popular website ( published an article commenting on Beyonce’s full lips, criticizing her for ‘trying’ Kylie Jenner lips. Frankly, most of us were left unimpressed with this comment as we all knew how daft it sounded. Real black ethnic features based on Kylie’s alleged  plastic surgery???

Reaction GIF: what?, not impressed, Whitney Houston
Not impressed
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I’m pretty sure that most of us know that Kylie extravagantly over-lines her lips to create a fuller appearance as well as allegedly plastic surgery. Are black women not naturally blessed with big lips? Why do we get negative attention for being ourselves whilst those trying to copy those same features are praised? Most of us have no need to overdraw our lips as we have a different use for lip liner as opposed to Kylie Jenner.

Generally, lip liners are used for:

  • Outlining lips- This step is basic and can be done when wearing  or not wearing lipstick, this gives your lips a lot of definition- especially if you haven’t got a natural Defined lining.
Check out Naomi’s nude, simple lip line.


  • Creating ombre lips – Ombre lips are fairly easy and quick to execute once you’ve caught the hang of doing so.
  1. Outline the lips with a lip pencil leaving the centre of the lips  – this is most times a darker colour pencil compared to the lipstick.
  2. Use Lipstick to fill in the inner lips
  3. rub lips together to blend
Kelly Rowland always knows how to rock a good ombre lip!


  • Changing the undertones of some lipsticks/ as a base colours – This is also very simple, you can make a lot of difference when used with certain lipsticks. Some lipsticks that can appear ashy or not blended but with a nice base this can change the appearance.
  1. Outline lips with liner and fill in middle
Chanel Boateng showing us how it’s done! (click to check out video)

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(all photos from google images)

(all photos from google images)


Last year, rapper A$AP Rocky said dark-skinned women shouldn’t wear red lipstick. Well, I say dark-skinned women look AMAZING in red lipstick. For dark-skinned women picking the right red lipstick is about picking the right shades. I’ve short-listed some gorgeous red lipsticks that are great for girls with darker skin tones.

  1. Cherry Red


Some call this red pomegranate but its cherry red, this shade looks the bomb on dark-skinned ladies. It’s a great balance between warm and cool and makes your lips look luscious.

  1. Brown Red


This shade is sometimes called ‘chunkiest chilli’; this deep brown red gives dark women’s lips an amazing pop of colour.

  1. Bright Red


This shade of lipstick is perfect for dark skin and is really suitable especially if you want to make a statement

  1. Burgundy Red


This colour is flawless against dark skin and works really well, you can never go wrong with it.

  1. Orange Red


Olive and dark skin tones can really pull off orange red. This is a definite must-have.

  1. Wine Red


I love this Lorde-like shade because it has purple undertones, which look just lovely on darker skin tones. Ladies add this to your collection

From this I hope ladies that you can see that all the myths about dark skinned women being unable to wear red lipstick are untrue, but, you have to find the right shade for you!


If you really feel as if you cant pull of these shades without a little bit of help, how about trying to use a dark lip liner to outline your lips to create a gradient which soften out the transition to red, like this:


P.S. My favourite brand is revolution it’s affordable and can be found in Superdrug and Boots stores!

Peace and love, Tosin x

(all photos from google images)