Full Face Makeup for Beginners

This post is for those makeup beginners who want to take their makeup skills from just a bit of foundations and lip gloss to a full face routine. These are all the products that I use to create my face. I made sure to choose mostly but the best drug store products as practising with … Continue reading Full Face Makeup for Beginners


black|Up Anti Shine Loose Powder for Black Women

  We all know how amazing it is to find that perfect setting powder for our highlight, giving us that airbrushed, photo finish.  For those of you that don't know,  a setting powder can be used  alone  or on top of liquids such as concealers and foundations. It helps to keep the liquids set in place … Continue reading black|Up Anti Shine Loose Powder for Black Women

I can see clearly now the rain has gone……

Hey guys I know it's been a while. We're so sorry for our absence we have had a lot of school work and personal stuff going on, but now it's the holidays (yaaaay!) and we're back in full force, bringing you blog posts and some extra things to spice up this platform and also expand … Continue reading I can see clearly now the rain has gone……

Luscious Lip Lining!

Last month, a popular website (Stylite.com) published an article commenting on Beyonce's full lips, criticizing her for 'trying' Kylie Jenner lips. Frankly, most of us were left unimpressed with this comment as we all knew how daft it sounded. Real black ethnic features based on Kylie's alleged  plastic surgery??? I'm pretty sure that most of … Continue reading Luscious Lip Lining!

Cover Girl Not Clown

Adding blush to your everyday makeup routine can enhance or create desirable, high, gorgeous cheek bones whilst giving your face that extra glow. It is almost impossible to limit one shade of blush to suit one particular skin tone, which is why I am often baffled when I hear people say "Dark skin girls should not wear … Continue reading Cover Girl Not Clown