Full Face Makeup for Beginners

This post is for those makeup beginners who want to take their makeup skills from just a bit of foundations and lip gloss to a full face routine. These are all the products that I use to create my face. I made sure to choose mostly but the best drug store products as practising with affordable makeup is a cost effective idea.


A primer is the base to making sure your foundation comes out as you intend it to.There are many different types primers with different purposes. Some will help to keep your foundation in place all day, others will help you stay matte/control oily skin, while some will help dry skin to stay luminous. Overall it depends on your skin type and the look you’re going for. I tend to stick towards matte primers as I have oily skin. A primer should be applied as a thin layer to the whole face, using your fingers.




Making sure those eyebrows are on fleek is the next step. It’s all a matter of preference when to do your brows, I feel that  filling in your brows work better when there aren’t products already on your skin.  We already have a  post on how to fill in our brows so I’ll link it below.

Eyebrow post: https://woc-cosmetics.com/2015/02/13/eyebrows-on-fleek/

Colour correct

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal


This step is optional and not necessary for everyone. A colour correcter is used to cover up dark spots, circles and blemishes which are visible through foundation. There a different colours used depending on what you’re trying to cover up. To keep it simple, there are two main colour correcter that are common among black women; Orange and Green.

Orange- Dark spots and dark circles

Green- Redness and red spots

To applying this, place it on the problem area and blend out with fingers or a beauty blender.



You can get foundation in many forms, liquid, powder, pressed or mousse . It all depends on your preference as to which one to use. Liquid foundation is the one that gives you the most coverage and slayage in my opinion. When applying foundation don’t forget to always blend it out to your hairline, ears and neck. You can use your fingers to apply foundation but it might get a little messy but I like to use a brush to buff in my foundation.

Powder (optional)

Setting all liquids is important, it helps to keep the makeup in place, stops creasing, prevents oiliness,  stops the foundation from setting into our lines. I’m sure we don’t want our smile lines to be showing even when we’re not smiling. To set the foundation you can use a translucent powder of a powder foundation. However this step can be optional because there is more product to come that we have to set with powder.


This is my favourite part of my makeup. Concealer is used to brighten and bring forward features on your face. A concealer should be 2-3 shades lighter than your foundation colour. This will help to brighten your under eye, forehead; bring forward your chin and sculpt your nose.  A beauty blender is the best tool for this job, it will create a seamless blend when dabbing the concealer into your face. Don’t forget to set your concealer with a powder! ( Here is a review of my favorite setting powder for concealer: https://woc-cosmetics.com/2016/07/11/blackup-anti-shine-loose-powder-for-black-women/

Highlight and Contour Map


Sleek Highlight and Contour Palette- Dark


Contour is the next step, this will help sculpt your face and get rid of that double chin lol. The shade should also be  2-3 colours darker than your foundation. Depending on whether your contour is cream/liquid or powder will help you decide what to apply it with. When using cream, a beauty blender is the best choice to help blend it out, and a brush is best used with powder. Like the picture of the highlight and contour map, your contour should be half way between your ear and mouth(remember to blend upwards), thinly on the side of your nose, temples and jawline.

Blush (Optional)




Blush is definitely that extra touch to creating that perfect look, this goes right above the contour on the apples of the cheek. The key is not to overdo the amount but to be light handed. A fluffy brush will help with the application as it will give a fanned out look.





Sleek Contour and Highlight Palette- Dark

This Sleek contour palette comes with a highlighter  inside. A highlight gives you that finishing glow on the high points of your face such as our cheekbones, nose bridge cupids bow, tear ducts and brow bone. You can always use your fingers to apply the highlight or a fan brush.


Highlighter Map

Setting Spray (Optional)



After applying all that makeup, you might be left looking a little bit powdery but setting spray or any makeup spray will help your skin to look real again.

All these products might sound like a lot but it depends on how much you decide to apply. It’s better to start by applying small amounts to avoid mistakes as you can always build up product. Remember that there no “correct” way to apply makeup and practice makes perfect so creating a perfect full face will take a few tries or more. Good luck on trying this out.

Daedria x


black|Up Anti Shine Loose Powder for Black Women


We all know how amazing it is to find that perfect setting powder for our highlight, giving us that airbrushed, photo finish.  For those of you that don’t know,  a setting powder can be used  alone  or on top of liquids such as concealers and foundations. It helps to keep the liquids set in place all day long, hides pores and fine lines. This of course depends on the quality of the product.

I’ve been using  black  Up loose powder in the shade NPLI3 for 3 months now, this specific powder is for setting concealers used to highlight the face to create depth. I used it set the highlight on my under eye, bridge of my nose, forehead and to cut my contour. I can truly say that I have fallen in love with this setting powder for many reasons. First of all it creates a matte perfect finish when first applied which I absolutely love.The liquid takes on the colour of the powder also making the highlight extra bright. It looks even more fabulous when finished off with  dewy setting spray leaving a bright, radiant, silky, highlight.

At first I was very skeptical of the size of the  product being 0.16oz, which is relatively small, I thought it would run out fairly quickly. Surprisingly it didn’t. I still have about half left considering that I use it regularly (3-4 times p/w). This is probably because the powder is so pigmented and not a lot is needed to get the desired look as well as the holes in the container for the brush to pick up the product limits how much comes out at once.


What I also love about the package is that its very travel friendly unlike most powders which can get really messy. It has 2 lids with one pressing down to keep the product in the main compartment.

Another thing I do like about this powder is that its perfect for pictures because it doesn’t leave a flash back instead a luminous highlight. I’ve inserted some pictures below.

What’s bad about this product.. I honestly struggled with finding something negative to say about this loose powder. The only thing I could possibly say is that the retail price is quite pricey at £22. However, in my opinion it’s completely worth it as you have to pay for quality and this is quality; besides this product is definitely on the high-end side of the market.

On a whole I would definitely recommend this product because I love it.

Here are a few pictures of me using the product:

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I can see clearly now the rain has gone……

Hey guys I know it’s been a while. We’re so sorry for our absence we have had a lot of school work and personal stuff going on, but now it’s the holidays (yaaaay!) and we’re back in full force, bringing you blog posts and some extra things to spice up this platform and also expand this brand we are trying to create.

Today my blog post is going to be mainly focused on skin discolouration, this is something that I and many women of colour have to deal with. Discolouration of skin can be caused by changes in melanin, a substance produced in the skin cells that gives skin its colour.

Make up is the prime thing that everyone uses to cover up their skin discolouration. This is helpful but not a permanent solution. There are different types and causes of discolouration and blotches that may be taking forever to fade and could be damaging your self confidence. There are many ways to combat skin discolouration!

There are two types of pigmentation abnormalities that can happen:

  • Skin with too much melanin is called hyper pigmented skin.
  • Skin with less melanin is called hypo pigmented skin.

What causes hyper pigmentation?

  1. Acne scars – If you have ever had acne at a point in your life when the spots finally start to clear, many still have issues with the scaring left behind which can literally take YEARS to fade.
  2. Pregnancy – When pregnant you are likely to gain weight which can make your skin darker. Hormones during pregnancy cause melasma. This can cause dark patches to appear on your face. (This also occurs as a result of using birth control, certain medications or hormone replacement therapy).
  3. Sun damage – When the skin is constantly exposed to the suns, it triggers an overproduction of melanin. Over time the damage done causes there to be an uneven distribution of melanin which causes skin discolouration.
  4. Injuries – Hyper pigmentation can also be caused by the self healing of the skin. This happens when the inflammatory response occurs after an injury.

Treatments for hyper pigmentation:

  • Exfoliation – Exfoliation is a key step when hyper pigmentation spots and discolouration occur, it speeds up cell turnover to remove hyper pigmented cells faster.
  • Daily use of SPF – This is key to prevent discolouration from the suns rays
  • laser treatment
  • chemical peels

Home remedies for hyper pigmentation:

  • Cucumber juice –  I have recently been using this and have seen great results. Apply the cucumber juice alone or mix it with honey and lemon juice in equal amounts. Apply this over the affected areas, regularly once a day, for half an hour and then wash it off.
  • Orange peel – Mix dry, powdered orange peel with cold milk and a some honey to make a thick paste. Apply it gently over the pigmented skin and let it sit there for half an hour then wash it off.
  • Tomato, Oatmeal and Yoghurt: Tomato acts as natural bleach. Yoghurt also works as natural bleach and has skin tightening properties. Oatmeal works as a natural scrubber.
  • Aloe Vera juice: Aloe Vera has natural soothing and healing properties. Squeeze out aloe Vera gel from an aloe Vera leaf and store this in a bottle in refrigerator. Apply this gel over the affected areas for 20 minutes. It works to slough off older skin cells and regenerate the newer ones.
  • Potato: Potatoes are well known to remove skin pigmentation, dark spots and blemishes. Rub gently a freshly cut slice of potato on the affected areas of your skin every day.

What causes hypo pigmentation?

  1. Vitiligo – Vitiligo causes white patches all over the body. It is an autoimmune disorder where the melanin cells are damaged. There is no cure for vitiligo, but several treatments to help. These are narrowband UVB light treatments, corticosteroid creams and skin laser treatments.

    2. Albinism – Albinism is hereditary. It is a genetic disorder which derives from the lack of the enzyme that makes melanin. This affects a lot of bodily features including the skin, hair and eyes. This disorder is not prevalent on black skin but is still relevant to a selection of people.There is no cure and people with albinism have to take extra precautions with skin as their skin is very sensitive.

3. Keloids – When extra scar tissue forms a keloid is created. Keloids are most common in people with darker skin. Hypo pigmentation on the keloid results in discolouration.  It is possible to get keloids from skin problems, like adult acne, Keloids can also be formed after a piercing or a bite. Keloids can be treated from silicone gel patches, corticosteroid injections or surgical removal.

Preventing skin pigmentation:

1.  Avoid exposure to Sun and heat: Avoid exposure to UV rays of the sun and thermal radiation from heat. This will help in containing keeping your skin pigmentation normal.

2. Follow a skin care routine

3. Wear sunscreen when going out and cover yourself with a hat and long sleeves. Wearing sunscreen every day will help in preventing or reducing age spots when you get older.

That’s it for today from me. Thank you for reading and I hope you have learnt something new. Please put any thoughts you may have in the comments. Watch this space for some more blog posts coming your way.

Peace and love

Tosin x

(all photos from google images)

(all photos from google images)

Luscious Lip Lining!

Last month, a popular website (Stylite.com) published an article commenting on Beyonce’s full lips, criticizing her for ‘trying’ Kylie Jenner lips. Frankly, most of us were left unimpressed with this comment as we all knew how daft it sounded. Real black ethnic features based on Kylie’s alleged  plastic surgery???

Reaction GIF: what?, not impressed, Whitney Houston
Not impressed
click to see article
Click and check out real article

I’m pretty sure that most of us know that Kylie extravagantly over-lines her lips to create a fuller appearance as well as allegedly plastic surgery. Are black women not naturally blessed with big lips? Why do we get negative attention for being ourselves whilst those trying to copy those same features are praised? Most of us have no need to overdraw our lips as we have a different use for lip liner as opposed to Kylie Jenner.

Generally, lip liners are used for:

  • Outlining lips- This step is basic and can be done when wearing  or not wearing lipstick, this gives your lips a lot of definition- especially if you haven’t got a natural Defined lining.
Check out Naomi’s nude, simple lip line.


  • Creating ombre lips – Ombre lips are fairly easy and quick to execute once you’ve caught the hang of doing so.
  1. Outline the lips with a lip pencil leaving the centre of the lips  – this is most times a darker colour pencil compared to the lipstick.
  2. Use Lipstick to fill in the inner lips
  3. rub lips together to blend
Kelly Rowland always knows how to rock a good ombre lip!


  • Changing the undertones of some lipsticks/ as a base colours – This is also very simple, you can make a lot of difference when used with certain lipsticks. Some lipsticks that can appear ashy or not blended but with a nice base this can change the appearance.
  1. Outline lips with liner and fill in middle
Chanel Boateng showing us how it’s done! (click to check out video)

Thank for reading my lovelies,

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(all photos from google images)

(all photos from google images)

Cover Girl Not Clown

pink blush on dark skin

Adding blush to your everyday makeup routine can enhance or create desirable, high, gorgeous cheek bones whilst giving your face that extra glow. It is almost impossible to limit one shade of blush to suit one particular skin tone, which is why I am often baffled when I hear people say “Dark skin girls should not wear light blushes.” High fashion models and celebrities often wear blushes that are not normally what we would see on a day to day basis; but it still looks great. There are plenty of blushes out there to suit more than one skin tones. It’s all about applying the right amount (which varies from person to person) as its easy to go from cover girl to clown.

Here are some of the classic  colours which are great for pretty much all darker skin tones:

  • Kerry Washington -Fushia/Pink
    Kerry Washington -Fushia/Pink
  • rev
    Revlon Pink Cream Blush similar to Kerry’s blush available in boots, superdrug and other beauty stores.

  • Coral/Pale peach
    Coral/Pale peach

    Maybelline Medium Coral blush will get you the same desired look.
    Maybelline Medium Coral blush will get you the same desired look.
  • Tika Sumpter - Plum
    Tika Sumpter -Light Plum

    M.A.C Plum blush
    M.A.C Plum blush
Naomi - Bronzer/Bronze blusher
Naomi – Bronzer/Bronze blusher
Revlon Bronze Shimmer
Revlon Bronze Shimmer can be used as an alternative to Naomi’s bronze look.

These are just a few of the basic colours that are must haves.

Hope you found this post helpful, Don’t be scared to try new and different blushes

Daedria x

(all photos from google images)