Summer Makeup and Skincare hacks!

Hey guys, My exams are finally finished so I'll be back with regular posts! One thing that a lot of us want in this season it to keep our skin looking radiant and smooth and for our makeup to be flawless. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your skin on 100 and to … Continue reading Summer Makeup and Skincare hacks!


Night Time Skincare Routine

So imagine you've come back from a night out with a face full of makeup, I know the first thing you want to do is go to bed; but I promise you  that's not the best thing for your skin. The first thing I would do is to wipe off my makeup as thoroughly as … Continue reading Night Time Skincare Routine

Fave Foundation for dark skinned beauties!

Hey guys, As women of colour it is sometimes hard to find foundations with the right undertones or coverage and unfortunately sometimes the right shade. For the last four years I have tried a number of foundations and come across a selection of foundations I like. My ultimate favourite foundation is the Mac studio fix … Continue reading Fave Foundation for dark skinned beauties!

The “right” Way to Apply Skincare Products

Hey guys, I know this title may have you thinking if there's really a "right/correct" way to apply your skincare products. Obviously you can do whatever works best for you, but it's good to remember that the skin is a very sensitive organ. There are many ways to apply skincare which further minimise breakouts, get … Continue reading The “right” Way to Apply Skincare Products

How to Achieve and Maintain Clear, Healthy Skin (WOC friendly)

Over the past few months when it has come to makeup and skincare, skincare has been my main priority. For as long as I can remember I have never had perfectly clear skin, I've either has some sort of pimple, spot or rough patch. As I have been trying to take my makeup application to … Continue reading How to Achieve and Maintain Clear, Healthy Skin (WOC friendly)