Meet Daedria

Hello there,


My name is Daedria and I will be a writer/contributor on woc-cosmetics . I too will be sharing my ideas on how to maintain flawless makeup routines as well well as good skin care which is achievable for all. As students we both know how important it is to save money but not at the compromise of looking great. We will show you guys just how to do just this in our blogs with affordable makeup and products from local beauty/drug stores as well as high end makeup brands.

Meet Oluwatosin



Hi guys I’m Oluwatosin Aworinde and I am the founder of WoC-Cosmetics. As a young black woman in the 21st century it is important to look presentable and also feel comfortable/confident in your own skin. For some like myself this can be expressed through cosmetics and how you look after your skin. But many times the only options available are such like M.A.C and Bobbi Brown and these cosmetic lines have high end products which even though look great, cost a lot, whilst for European women most shops are stocked full of affordable makeup. I’ve always wanted to create a blog where women of colour can discuss makeup and give each other advice, but also to give tips and tutorials on how to apply makeup for black women correctly.