Essential makeup kit

Hey guys,

I was brainstorming with some friends on what to write about next and this felt like the perfect idea. I know that I have a previous make up kit post from when first started the blog but times have changed. I’m going to do a very detailed list on the essentials on your makeup kit!


Makeup Prep:

  • Moisturiser – needed whether skin is oily or dry! Also best to use a moisturiser with SPF, the body shop has some great options!
  • Primer – these are sooooo important before starting your makeup! Best drugstore primers I’ve used are No. 7, best high end ones are smash box and becca. (max prep and prime does nothing, I promise)
  • Colour corrector – these are selected according to your undertone. As women of colour we mostly commonly have red, yellow and orange undertones. Good drugstore options are La pro girl, makeup revolution and nyx. The only “high end’ option I’ve tried is MAC and these are the ones in the concealer palette which are pretty pricey :\


  • Pencil/gel – I personally have no experience using pomades but rimmel eyebrow pencil is LIFE and it’s really affordable. For pomades I have heard that ABH, MAC and nyx are good but I’ve never used them personally
  • Concealer – This is important for highlighting your brows. I use a lighter on the bottom of my brow and one closer to my skin tone on the top to ensure it blends well. Good option are la pro girl, nars radiant…… (don’t know the full name 🙂 ) and makeup revolution ones are alright too.


(my favourite part! )

  • “primer” – I put that in quotations because you don’t specifically need to buy an eyeshadow primer, concealer laid on evenly and set with powder does the trick. If you’re looking for a good eye shadow primer ELF have a good one and so do urban decay.
  • Eyeshadows – for a beginners kit I would recommend sleek eyeshadows, I feel they are majorly underrated. That was my first eyeshadow palette and I created soooo many looks from just one palette! Makeup revolution have some really good ones as well. If you want a bigger variety Morphe also do good palettes with a great range of colours
  • Eyeliner – This isn’t essential for every look but its nice for most. For your bottom line a pencil works perfectly but for your lid a gel or liquid liner is best. MAC and Inglot do great gel liners which work great for eyelids and for liquid liners, I feel that pretty much all of them are good enough lol, I use any
  • Lashes – Primark do some really affordable lash styles. For mink/3D lashes I get mine from Ali express, simply type that in the search bar and these lashes can be used repeatedly. Some other good brands are Ardell and Eyelure.
  • Glitter – now this is a tricky one, I usually use pressed glitter which I get from Aliexpress. For loose glitters I know that there are a lot of insta boutiques that sell them so its always good to take a look but glitters aren’t really necessary for beginners.
  • In addition to all this a great way to cut your crease and to make colours pop is to use a while concealer, PLouise do a great eyeshadow base for this and recently I’ve been using the new makeup revolution one and it works quite well.
  • Mascara – because I wear lashes any black mascara works for me. I usually use Maybelline or BlackUp


  • Foundation – I swear by Fenty beauty
  • Concealer – make sure you have a few shades
  • Contour kit – Sleek has some great cream and powder based ones
  • Setting powder – Sacha buttercup and Laura Mercier are some of the best out there
  • Face powder – I use Mac studio fix and black opal has great shades for WOC
  • Highlighter – makeup revolution’s baked bronzer in rock on world is the best highlighter I use and I recommend it especially for deep skin tones
  • Setting spray – urban decay all-nighter setting spray is the best I recommend. It keeps your makeup on for long periods of time. Even through sweat


  • Lip pencils – its always essential to have a few nude liners which complement a range of looks
  • Lip glosses – I get most of my glosses from NYX, they have a great range and they look great too
  • Lipsticks – these are not really that necessary anymore but I have a few classics in my kit like Ruby Woo and Antique Velvet from MAC


  • Makeup sponges – different sizes for different areas of your face. Real techniques and Primark have great sponges.
  • Makeup brushes: you’ll need a foundation brush, angled brushes, fluffy brushes, concealer brushes, powder brushes etc. its more affordable to buy a full kit. some decent beginners ones can be bought from more, BH cosmetics and even eBay
  • Tweezers –  to pluck stray brow hairs and to apply lashes
  • Lash adhesive – most come with adhesives but I think Eyelure and BlackUp have the best

These are the most important things for your makeup kit, not every item is necessary but I hope this at least gave you guys an idea of some of the things you may need.

Peace and love

Tosin x


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