Updated Oily Skincare Routine

Hi Guys!

I know it’s been a long time and I’m so sorry for our absence. I started university in September and my course has turned out to be extremely demanding which is why I haven’t written in a long time. Now that I have settled down I am hoping to post a lot more frequently. Even though I haven’t been writing I have been doing work behind the scenes and I have been trying out all sorts of makeup and skincare products to review and to advise you on the best ones for women of colour.

One thing I have been trying to improve and perfect over the last few months is my skincare routine. I have extremely oily skin and I am learning new ways to treat it not only for excess oil but discoloration and clogged pores.

Today I am bringing you a post to share my routine with you and tell you what I have been doing for my skin and give you a rough guideline to follow when it comes to skincare (for oily skin)!

When I wear makeup, my routine is different to when I do wear makeup.

I use almost all the same products and most of the products I use are from the body shop’ seaweed skincare range as all these products are great for people with combination/oily skin who also may have enlarged and clogged pores.

Firstly, to take off the top layers of makeup I use about two facial wipes, then I use a toner. The toner I use is the body shop’s seaweed oil balancing toner. This is for oily skin and it removes traces of makeup, cleanses and refines pores which leaves skin clean and refreshed. I would also use a toner first when I haven’t worn makeup.


After using this I use the seaweed pore-cleansing exfoliator also from the body shop and I use a small face brush to scrub m face with it and remove the rest of the makeup from my skin . This exfoliator clarifies and purifies your pores and it leaves your skin soft and smooth.


Next I dab my face dry after rinsing and again apply the toner with a cotton wool pad over my face. After doing this I use a face mask. The face mask I use is either the tea tree witch hazel peel off mask or the seaweed oil-balancing clay mask. The peel off mask literally grabs dirt and lifts it out of your pores, this helps to remove blackheads, tighten pores and prevent your face from breaking out. If I use the oil balancing mask this is only once or twice a week as you don’t want to suck out all the moisture from your skin, making your pores over compensate by producing even more oil. This mask draws out impurities and controls excess oil.


After taking the relevant mask off I use a vitamin C power serum. This is to help with my skin discoloration. A vital part of getting an even skin tone the natural way is by using vitamin C. this illuminates and brightens skin, its light-weight and non-greasy so it’s perfect for using under moisturiser. A low-end brand to use is the balance power serum, but a high-end brand would be the Obaji vitamin C serum recommended by YouTube guru Jackie Aina.

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After using this is I then use the body shop elderflower unperfumed eye gel. This product is for ALL skin types. It being unperfumed means that no harmful products have been used to make the product smell nice. This reduces puffiness and moisturises your undereye. What I will say is to use this in small amounts because of the paraben content.


Before I go to bed to moisturise my face I use tea tree witch hazel night treatment gel which works while you sleep to fight and prevent spots. Many times, when using this gel, I have slept with spots or pimples budding then they have disappeared. It also moisturises your skin without blocking pores because of its gel like texture.


Other parts of my routine include the seaweed oil control gel cream which I use to moisturise my face before wearing makeup because it makes my face matte and controls excess sebum and shine giving a balanced complexion. Another thing I use some mornings after wearing makeup the previous night is the seaweed deep cleansing gel wash. This cleanses the skin of impurities and cleanses pores. On a morning or evening where I haven’t worn makeup instead of exfoliating I use the body shop tea tree skin clearing foaming cleanser which cleanses without over drying skin and minimises breakouts. On a morning where I’m not wearing makeup instead of using a mattifying cream, after using vitamin C and eye gel I use simple cleansing lotion. This keeps skin smooth and soften through the day but it is not too oily as it is a light-weight moisturiser.

I know this post is long and that my routine has man steps, but this is what works for me. Not every step is necessary so I’ll summarise some steps:


  • Cleanse
  • Tone
  • Eye cream

These are to be done every morning and night

  • Exfoliate 3 times a week after cleansing
  • Face mask twice a week

I hope this helps, more posts coming soon.

Peace and love

Tosin x

(all images from google)


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