How I care for my skin…

Hey guys, sorry for the lateness; I’m currently on holiday and my itinerary is packed! I hope you guys are enjoying summer. Throughout this summer I have been out buying loads of different skincare products to try out/start using to improve my skin an also I can review them for you guys. It’s finally come to a point where I’ve used them enough to tell you guys what they do and how they work. These are affordable products and they are how I have been maintaining clean, clear skin (which I am always complemented for 😊). This post is unsponsored (minus the black up cream). Enjoy!
1. I always mention this in my skincare posts, this is H2O (water). When it comes to skincare, water is the most important ‘product’. I try to drink up to 2 litres plus a day. This helps to flush out my body and what is in your body affects the appearance of your skin. To spice up your water if you’re not s massive fan, you can infuse lemon, mint, watermelon, strawberry and other fruits. Lemon water is extremely good for your skin ask it refreshes you from within and gives a radiant glow. 

2. Black soap. Black soap is great for the skin. One thing I advise is for you to get 100% pure black soap. So that you know you’re using the real deal. Black soap does many great things for the skin. It has antioxidants which nourish the skin, it helps with discolouration as it helps fade out dark spots. Black soap also great for exfoliating and as a deep cleanser as it. Has anti-bacterial properties which clean out pores and it softens and rejuvenates rough skin. 

3. The next thing I use is this skin food mud masque this around 1-2 times a week. It is grey and you apply it to you skin avoiding the eyes and wait for it to harden before wiping it off and moisturising. The first thing about this masque is the low price. It sells for around £5 in TK Maxx but it’s quite hard to find, but it’s on sale online. I usually use it when my skin feels heavy or dirty. When you use it, you feel it working instantly. It sinks into your pores especially around your t-zone, it reduces any redness and even dried put my pimples sometimes if I use it for longer. When you wipe off the mask, it leaves skin feeling so soft. This masque has great ingredients such as Rotura mud which has great healing properties for skin. This is legit the best mask I’ve ever used and I 100% recommend it.

4. The next part of my skin routine which I usually use after I’ve cleansed my skin before bed is black ups dark spot correcting cream. I have done a post about this previously so I’ll leave the link here:

5. This is the last part of my routine . This simple cream is what I use past after cleansing my skin in the morning and at night. It is a light hydrating cream to use after other skincare. It softens and moisturises your skin as some skincare practices can be harsh on your skin. This cream can be found in Asda and other supermarkets, as well as shops like Boots and superdrug. It is inexpensive and lasts a long time.  

6. My next products is the Precision Beauty Ultimate facial brush. This brush has two sides, a side with long brush bristles and a side with soft, short plastic bristles. I use the brush side for exfoliating and the plastic side for cleansing. This brush is great especially for the price which was only £4.99. It can be found in TK Maxx but also online. It lasts long and is relatively easy to clean. It’s gentle on the skin and distributes product well.

  7. My next products is the bamboo charcoal purifying facial clay cleanser. I use it daily as a pore cleanser. This cleanser is mainly for those with oily skin who deal with clogged pores. It removes impurities and excess oil from the surface of your skin. It helps to get rid of dead skin cells and leaves skin smooth and shiny. There are many different types of this cleanser. Some more expensive than others. I bought this for £3.99 which is quite cheap and it works really well. 

8. last but not least is this Arad exfoliating facial gel. It is a gel exfoliant which cleanses skin and leaves it soft and smooth. It also helps with the removal of makeup residue. Using this I have seen a big difference it cleans out my pores which reduces the likelihood of spots and also helps with oil control for my skin. I either use this in the morning or night every day. (Picture won’t upload)

This is my skincare routine/review. This is basically all I use for my skin. All these products are quite affordable. They are not for everyone but I hope you found this useful so you can have an idea of some skincare products you can get for yourself. 

Peace and love 

Tosin x


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