Oil Control

Hey guys, I know this is a long awaited post but I’ve finally been able to review as many products as possible and come to you with this post regarding oil control when wearing make up. I unfortunately have VERY oily skin. Through trying out different products I have mastered a routine where I can make my face look dewy but still stay in place. I also don’t end up looking like a greaseball at the end of the day.

I am going to deliver this post a little differently, instead of just listing items I will go through my makeup routine and place emphasis on the products I use for oil control when wearing makeup.

So firstly I cleanse my face with wet wipes and let it dry. The first product I use that keeps my makeup matte is:
– No7 Airbrush Away pore minimising primer


This is the best primer I have ever used (better than my £32 Mac one 😭😭). It retails at £16.50 and it is great! It may be pore minimising but it also works as a mattifying primer and that alone helps prevents your face from getting oily. Apart from this it also gives your makeup an airbrush effect and makes your makeup glide on smoothly.

Now this step is only for those who know how to handle their skin and also know how to issue this product.
The next product I use is milk of magnesia, I use cotton wool to apply it to my t-zone (I sometimes use a little on my cheeks). It is advised never to use this as an all over primer as it can affect the the pH of your skin. This further helps my t-zone to stay matte all day.


I got this from boots and it retails at around £4.99-£5.99.

I do my eyebrows, then apply my foundation, my eyeshadow, I apply my concealer then I set it.
Firstly after my foundation I apply a layer of powder to keep my foundation in place. To set my concealer and keep my under eyes and t-zone set and to prevent them from creasing; I use Sacha buttercup powder. This colour is ideal for women of colour, after applying my concealer I apply the powder with a triangular sponge.
Some people bake for about 3-5 minutes, for me this is not effective enough. I bake for about 15 minutes or more until I see the spots where the oil has absorbed the powder. I then use my black up brush (to be reviewed soon) to dust off and blend the powder into my skin. This helps under my eyes stay matte for 12 hours plus. Here is the product:


This retails from about £17 depending on where you get it from. It lasts a long time and is great value for money. I would recommend lustre cosmetics as you can also use discount codes to get money off.

After contouring, highlighting and applying blush I fist use mac’s fix + to hydrate my face and stop it looking ashy. After this has settled in I use urban decays All nighter spray to keep my makeup in place all day. I then use urban decays de-slick oil control spray which further helps with giving my face a final seal and preventing it from getting too oily.
Here it is:


I buy the travel size of this spray which retails at £9 which is very affordable.

Overall my makeup lasts for 12 hours plus. This is without having to blot at all and it also all stays in place. I know this routine may seem extreme but you do not have to do all of these. You can choose some steps that will suit you. This is for very oily skin. A post will be coming soon for those with dry skin. Thank you for reading.

Peace and love
Tosin x


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