Affordable Foundations for Dark Skin

Hi everyone,

In today’s post, I’ll be showing you guys 3 affordable but very good foundations for women of darker/deeper skin tones. Often times we are forced to buy high-end foundations because of the lack of variety for medium to dark skin tones in drugstores; especially in the UK. So, here are a list of foundations that I think are good value for money  and overall very good for the skin. I’ve kept the price range quite low with the highest being £21.50

Mary Kay Timewise- £15

This foundation comes in many skin tones: Ivory, beige and bronze – being for darker skin tones. I think this is a really good foundation as the brand caters for both oily and dry skin with their lumious and matte foundations. It has very good covearge with a small amount of product.  I also really love the photo finish look that is acheived. However, MK cosmetics are not found in mainstream beauty stores but you can find them online or through a local courier- which is the best way to get matched with your shade.

L’Oreal True Match Foundation- £10

9004590497822L’Oreal has quite a few darker shades of foundation but not as diverse as the other cosmetics brands which is a shame because I truely believet this foundation is absolutely beautiful. This foundation has a lighweigt, silky feel which is perfect for everyday wear as you wont even know that its there thrughut the day. This foundation is medium coverge  which is okay but is definately buildable; It all depends on your personal preferences.

MAC Studiofix Fluid- £20

Last but not least and the most expensive on my list. M.A.C  Ultimately, this is my favorite foundation as I wear it the most and because they actually have my foundation shade!! From my experience this is the best as its stays on and in place all day and has a true to skin look for most people as MAC has such a wide variety of skin shades.

I hope you guys found this helpful when choosing a foundation which isnt too exensive but also great quality for money. Feel free to comment below and let us know anymore affordable foundations for darker skin.

Daedria xox

*Images from google


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