Black up Dark Spot correcting night cream 


I know a lot of women of colour struggle with hyper-pigmentation of the skin. There are a lot of natural remedies which may take longer. But there are also some dangerous remedies which contain things like hydroquinone which really shouldn’t be used on the skin. 

As black women it is important to love ourselves and our skin. Bleaching may seem like a quick solution, but the consequences can be dire. 

Black up have created a cream. That doesn’t contain hydroquinone and only has to be used over night. This is the Black up dark spot correcting cream. 

This cream retails at £41. Yes I know it may seem too high. But if it means looking after your skin and being able to keep it in good condition, then it is definitely worth it. 

To see the effects of this cream. You have to use it continuously every night for 28 days at least. 

What you have to do is cleanse your face how you normally would before going to bed. If you don’t already do this ladies I would suggest that you do whether using the cream or not. 

After cleansing you apply a pea size amount to your face making sure you rub it in. 

A good thing about this cream is that a little goes a long way. When I first received it I was a little shocked at the size. But it’s been way over 28 days since I started using it and there’s still at least half of it left. Granted that after the 28 days I wasn’t using it as consistently as I should’ve been doing. But the results I’ll be showing are from the 28 days. 

After cleansing and applying the cream you just have to wear it overnight and go through your regular routine as well. 

Here are my results:



Even though this may seem like a different lighting. I took it in the same position. It is clear that I had a darker patch of discolouration which has actually has almost disappeared. No other products were used to aid this. Just the cream and in only 4 weeks. This is only showing one area on my cheek but I’ve also had these results all over my face. 


– effective

– Long lasting

– Nice packaging

– Doesn’t contain any dangerous ingredients

– Results are permanent


– Has a bit of a sticky texture so hands have to be washed after use (not really a bad thing)

Overall I would definitely recommend this cream to you guys for you to purchase. It has really worked for me and is a safe easy way to help your skin. The price may be seen as a con but when it comes to looking after your skin nothing is too expensive. There are a lot of other creams And products which contain harmful ingredients and are STILL more expensive than this. 

Choose wisely when it comes to your skin ladies. 

Also if you would like to buy this product and an complimenting product for this. There is also the black up dark spot correcting serum. I personally have not used this. But I have heard good things and will do a further review if I ever get it. 

Thanks for reading

Peace and love 

Tosin x


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