black|Up Anti Shine Loose Powder for Black Women


We all know how amazing it is to find that perfect setting powder for our highlight, giving us that airbrushed, photo finish.  For those of you that don’t know,  a setting powder can be used  alone  or on top of liquids such as concealers and foundations. It helps to keep the liquids set in place all day long, hides pores and fine lines. This of course depends on the quality of the product.

I’ve been using  black  Up loose powder in the shade NPLI3 for 3 months now, this specific powder is for setting concealers used to highlight the face to create depth. I used it set the highlight on my under eye, bridge of my nose, forehead and to cut my contour. I can truly say that I have fallen in love with this setting powder for many reasons. First of all it creates a matte perfect finish when first applied which I absolutely love.The liquid takes on the colour of the powder also making the highlight extra bright. It looks even more fabulous when finished off with  dewy setting spray leaving a bright, radiant, silky, highlight.

At first I was very skeptical of the size of the  product being 0.16oz, which is relatively small, I thought it would run out fairly quickly. Surprisingly it didn’t. I still have about half left considering that I use it regularly (3-4 times p/w). This is probably because the powder is so pigmented and not a lot is needed to get the desired look as well as the holes in the container for the brush to pick up the product limits how much comes out at once.


What I also love about the package is that its very travel friendly unlike most powders which can get really messy. It has 2 lids with one pressing down to keep the product in the main compartment.

Another thing I do like about this powder is that its perfect for pictures because it doesn’t leave a flash back instead a luminous highlight. I’ve inserted some pictures below.

What’s bad about this product.. I honestly struggled with finding something negative to say about this loose powder. The only thing I could possibly say is that the retail price is quite pricey at £22. However, in my opinion it’s completely worth it as you have to pay for quality and this is quality; besides this product is definitely on the high-end side of the market.

On a whole I would definitely recommend this product because I love it.

Here are a few pictures of me using the product:

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