We’re Back!!!

Hi guys!!!!!!

We know it’s been a long while but we’re finally back. We have finally finished our A-levels, so you have our full attention for the summer.

First of all, we would like to say a big thanks to all of you who continue to view our posts, follow us here and on twitter. Also for those of you who have been advertising us!

For our relaunch there have been a few obvious and not so obvious changes. First of all, you guys might have noticed that our domain name has changed. We have now officially eliminated the WordPress from our domain and rebranded our web domain to woc-cosmetics.com. Now this is much less of a mouthful but we now also have the rights to this domain (wooo!). We have also changed the look of our website slightly to give it a more relaxed, sophisticated theme.  As of recent we have also created an Instagram page so get following @womenofcolourc on insta!

Now for what we have been up to, even though we have been studying for exams we have had some great things being planned for you guys. Firstly, we teamed up with one of the greatest brands for WoC, black Up Cosmetics!!!!! We have some products we have been trying out and we are ready to review these for you guys. We also have many more exciting collaborations planned with them. We also have been experimenting with some low end and high end products so that we can review them for you and advise you on the best products to get for WoC.

Since we are back in full swing we will now have new posts up every Monday, meaning we will have plenty of new content for you guys. These will include reviews, more skincare and beauty advice and many other things.

Another thing coming up is our giveaway. We are still putting this together but the details for it will be revealed shortly!

Again guys thank you for your continued support and we are excited for all the things we have coming up this summer!

Peace and love

Tosin & Daedria

P.S. Seeing as our blog is for people of colour, we just wanted to recognise the families of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. Again two black men who have been unjustly killed in America. Let us continue to fight for the equality of people of colour in all areas of our lives. #RIP #BLACKLIVESMATTER


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