Hi guys, I thought it would be unfair for me not to bring you up to speed with what’s going on and also the lack of posts. Daedria and I are in our last year of sixth form and our work load is A LOT, that is the main reason for our lack of posts. We are also planning to do some rebranding with our name, website design etc. I’ve been working on an import post and I hope to get that out to you guys ASAP. We have also reached several milestones with our blog and this wouldn’t be possible without our viewers and followers. Our giveaway will be happening sometime soon. As well as all of this, just because you haven’t seen posts doesn’t mean there’s nothing going on. We have some projects we’ve been embarking on and we are also working with some brands to bring you fresh new content and also let you know the best places to get cosmetics for Women of colour. Thank you again for supporting us and bearing with us at this time. Please continue to refer to our previous posts as I know some of you have been doing already, and stay blessed.
Peace and love

Tosin xx


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