The Sun is here – part II

Happy new month everyone. I know it’s been a long time since I posted so I thought I’d bring you a fully loaded post about makeup during the sunny climate we are quickly entering into. So take it as ‘The Sun is here’ part 2!


Now when it comes to summer there are a lot of changes that sometimes need to be made with your makeup routine.
I know a lot of us suffer with hay fever and wearing any type of eye make up or makeup at all can be very irritating.
When we as women have allergies we over compensate with make up.
-Firstly it is best to have a silicone based primer, it fills in pores and lines. And leads to you not having to wear as much makeup.
-Bronzer is great to take away the appearance of puffiness. Especially when it has some shimmer.
-Investing in a concealer with gold/yellow undertones is a great idea. It helps to take away redness especially around your eyes and nose.
-In order to make your lashes less itchy when using mascara, wash and clean your brush every time before use. Many women think they are allergic to their mascara when really it has to do with the cleanliness of their brush.
-Using waterproof eye liner and mascara is the best for your eyes as when you are rubbing them from all your irritation, they won’t smudge.
Also try and use new mascara and eye liner in the hay fever season so that there would be no bacteria in them.
-Clean your puffs and brushes to stop the transference of bacteria your face. It will only make your irritation worse.
-Ladies also don’t forget to drink plenty of water everyday. It hydrates your skin and overall is just better for your appearance.
-Another thing to ease puffiness is by using oil free products on your skin to reduce festering of bacteria on your skin.
-Make sure you use eye drops because they are great for taking away the horrible gravelly feeling pollen gives you.
That’s all from me today ladies. If there are any particular topics you want us to blog about in the coming months this summer let us know by commenting below.
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Peace and love
Tosin x
(all photos from google images)

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