Luscious Lip Lining!

Last month, a popular website ( published an article commenting on Beyonce’s full lips, criticizing her for ‘trying’ Kylie Jenner lips. Frankly, most of us were left unimpressed with this comment as we all knew how daft it sounded. Real black ethnic features based on Kylie’s alleged  plastic surgery???

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Not impressed
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I’m pretty sure that most of us know that Kylie extravagantly over-lines her lips to create a fuller appearance as well as allegedly plastic surgery. Are black women not naturally blessed with big lips? Why do we get negative attention for being ourselves whilst those trying to copy those same features are praised? Most of us have no need to overdraw our lips as we have a different use for lip liner as opposed to Kylie Jenner.

Generally, lip liners are used for:

  • Outlining lips- This step is basic and can be done when wearing  or not wearing lipstick, this gives your lips a lot of definition- especially if you haven’t got a natural Defined lining.
Check out Naomi’s nude, simple lip line.


  • Creating ombre lips – Ombre lips are fairly easy and quick to execute once you’ve caught the hang of doing so.
  1. Outline the lips with a lip pencil leaving the centre of the lips  – this is most times a darker colour pencil compared to the lipstick.
  2. Use Lipstick to fill in the inner lips
  3. rub lips together to blend
Kelly Rowland always knows how to rock a good ombre lip!


  • Changing the undertones of some lipsticks/ as a base colours – This is also very simple, you can make a lot of difference when used with certain lipsticks. Some lipsticks that can appear ashy or not blended but with a nice base this can change the appearance.
  1. Outline lips with liner and fill in middle
Chanel Boateng showing us how it’s done! (click to check out video)

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(all photos from google images)

(all photos from google images)


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