It’s that time again when the sun is beginning to make an appearance ever so often. It can be such a fun, amazing and glorious time. For some, we enjoy the nice weather by relaxing in our gardens, going out for a run and in most cases going on holiday; whilst for others they dread the sun and the effects it has on our skin. This article will help you take care of your skin this summer and help save you a few £££.

1. The Most Important thing – SUN CREAM

Of course we need sun cream, although we may be able to cope with the harshness of the sun on our beautiful dark skin it’s so important that we protect ourselves against anything that also could potentially cause any harm. The earlier we do this, the better. Using sun cream prevents against skin cancer and ageing, yes! People of Colour may be less at risk but prevention is best. This is why it is important to get the right balance when being in the sun.

It’s recommended SPF 30 – 50 for darker skin tones.

As we are only at the beginning of spring a high SPF is not needed until perhaps the start of summer, but after all it is all based on the judgement of where you are globally and how hot the weather is. It is generally best to apply sun cream before your foundation, this can be used as a primer/base. However, there are some primers such as the ‘Prep +Prime Face Protect SPF 50’ that has SPF 50 which is great for darker skin.

Remembering everyday to apply sun cream and adding to our everyday make up routine can be hard and easy to forget! Luckily there are a few good products out that are are made with Sunblock included and ready to apply. This will also save you a few pennies as you get two for the price of one. Here are a few:

Revlon Colourstay Foundation -SPF 15
MAC Studio Fix Liquid Foundation – SPF 15
Estee Lauder Stay In Place Make Up SPF 10

2. Drinking Water

YES!! Drinking water helps to keep your skin refreshed, glowing and radiant. It is good to have enough water to prevent your skin from drying out and flaking in harsh sunlight. This is also help you to avoid those crusty lips that we all dread.🙅 You’ll find the more you drink water the better your skin will begin to feel and look.

One thing I always use to dread in summer was my tan, and the fact that I  would have to buy a new foundation as I usually get a few shades darker, so my regular foundation did not match. However, thanks to MAC  matchmaster one foundation in summer ought to be just right.

This foundation does not only match one skin tone but matches up to four/five shades. It is great for summer and even after summer when transitioning back to your normal colour. This is such a genius creation! It also has SPF 15 included. Sunblock, one foundation, different shades! Could this get any better.


Hopefully, whilst enjoying the sun you will also be looking after your skin this summer with the two most important things SUN CREAM AND WATER.

Please don’t hesitate to comment and share other ways on how we can better our skin in the sun.

Daedria 💓💓

(all photos from google images)


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