Eyebrows on Fleek

In this day and age eyebrows are becoming a big part of the make up routine. It has been discovered just how well eyebrows being filled in defines you’re whole face. This post is to inform you ladies on how to fill in your eyebrows and also the right concealer and eyebrow pencil for you.

Here are some examples of how your eyebrows should never look:

These lined up above are exactly how you DON’T want you eyebrows to end up looking. First I’m going to list the ‘ingredients’ and then give a step by step guide with pictures to pencilling and concealing your eyebrows.

First things first, you DO NOT have to have your eyebrows done to pencil in and conceal them, you just have to learn the technique.

Ingredients – 

  1. Eyebrow pencil/eye brow gel

Now there’s something to tell you ladies that you may not be aware of, black eyebrow pencil is NOT for black skin. Many ladies of colour tend to use black and they’re eyebrows end up looking too harsh/bold. For darker women black brown is the best shade to use and dark brown for those with lighter skin tones. Personally I use rimmel eyebrow pencil which, for very good quality, retails at only £2.99. I’ve heard eyebrow gel is also good but i have no personal experience with using it, it retails at £2.99-6.99 depending on the type that you buy.

2. Concealer

If you’re going for a certain look concealer is very important when it comes eyebrows, it highlights your eyebrows and gives them a flawless look. I usually use MAC NW45 select cover up which retails at £15.50, but if you’re an avid make up wearer this may be a bit pricey. LA pro girl concealer is a more affordable alternative but there is a visible difference in quality.

3. Brushes

Lastly you need a brush to apply and blend your concealer.

This is a concealer brush it helps to blend in the concealer around your eyebrows properly. Brushes are fairly affordable but if you want excellent quality you may have to fork out a bit. I have a brush set that I bought for about £9, the quality is perfect for the way I apply make up.

Step By Step Guide:

Step 1: Define and create the eyebrow shape you want,

Using an eyebrow pencil,

– Draw a line at the bottom of your brow and extend it to your arch, draw an identical line at the top of your brow.

Step 2: Fill in your eyebrows to create the illusion of real eyebrow hairs

Use the pencil to fill in between the lines you drew. The correct way is to fill using short hairlike strokes in the direction in which your brow hairs grow. This makes thin/sparse eyebrows seem fuller, while also adding definition.

Step 3: Brush out your eyebrows. I haven’t shown a picture of this brush above because in most cases it is a given for eyebrow pencils to come with a brush. You brush out your eyebrows to spread the colour and also make eyebrows appear lighter and not too harsh.

Step 4 (optional): Clean up edges with concealer,

Take some concealer on your brush and apply under your brows to clean around the edges where you drew your eyebrows. This will give a clean professional look to your brows and will highlight them too.

Here’s a link to one of my favourite eyebrow tutorial:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmi09DYp2a4

Thanks for reading ladies 🙂

Peace and love

Tosin x


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