Cover Girl Not Clown

pink blush on dark skin

Adding blush to your everyday makeup routine can enhance or create desirable, high, gorgeous cheek bones whilst giving your face that extra glow. It is almost impossible to limit one shade of blush to suit one particular skin tone, which is why I am often baffled when I hear people say “Dark skin girls should not wear light blushes.” High fashion models and celebrities often wear blushes that are not normally what we would see on a day to day basis; but it still looks great. There are plenty of blushes out there to suit more than one skin tones. It’s all about applying the right amount (which varies from person to person) as its easy to go from cover girl to clown.

Here are some of the classic  colours which are great for pretty much all darker skin tones:

  • Kerry Washington -Fushia/Pink
    Kerry Washington -Fushia/Pink
  • rev
    Revlon Pink Cream Blush similar to Kerry’s blush available in boots, superdrug and other beauty stores.

  • Coral/Pale peach
    Coral/Pale peach

    Maybelline Medium Coral blush will get you the same desired look.
    Maybelline Medium Coral blush will get you the same desired look.
  • Tika Sumpter - Plum
    Tika Sumpter -Light Plum

    M.A.C Plum blush
    M.A.C Plum blush
Naomi - Bronzer/Bronze blusher
Naomi – Bronzer/Bronze blusher
Revlon Bronze Shimmer
Revlon Bronze Shimmer can be used as an alternative to Naomi’s bronze look.

These are just a few of the basic colours that are must haves.

Hope you found this post helpful, Don’t be scared to try new and different blushes

Daedria x

(all photos from google images)


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