Make up starter kit

For beginners I thought I would do a quick list of a make-up starter kit and what each component does for your skin. If anyone would like any product details, just ask!

1. Primer – creates a layer between make-up and your skin to protect your skin

2. Eyebrow pencil – this can be used to fill in your eyebrows to give them a fuller look

3. Concealer – it is used to mask dark circles, age spots, large pores and other visible blemishes on skin

4. Foundation – it covers up uneven skintones, blemishes and give the face a blank canvas to work from

5. Translucent loose/pressed powder – this is used to set foundation

6. Contour/face form kit – sculpts and defines your face structure

7. Lip liner – Outlines your lips

8. Lipgloss/lipstick – gives your lips that pop of colour

9. Eyeliner – outlines your eyes

10. Mascara – Increases volume of lashes

11. Eyeshadows – adds colour to your eyes and makes them look a bit bigger

BONUS – Brushes – make application easier and look more professional


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